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We have been greatly encouraged by a couple of emails that we have received from a brother in Palmerston North who came across the series of messages that I have preached recently on Non-Negotiable Core Convictions. I share parts of his emails for our mutual encouragement! I have separated the two emails by a line!

My name is ……………….. and I’m from Palmerston North. I have been listening to the Non-Negotiable Core Convictions series and at one point Peter mentioned a number of possible places in NZ for a Jesus First church plant, including Palmerston North. Do you have any further update on this and/or would I be able to speak to the people from Palmy who have already expressed interest.


I have, over the years, also become very concerned about the impact of worldly ideas and theology that is creeping into the church more and more. All the things you mentioned in your Non-Negotiables series are things I have been crying out to God for a while. A number of times I have wanted to say during so-called “Worship” time that our songs are nothing more than 1) a petition to God for our needs/wants, or 2) telling Jesus what a wonderful vehicle He is for our self-fulfillment. I suspect it’s not going to change much because I know others have tried to say some things, but the Bethel influence just seems to get bigger.

Id love to be involved with a church where we’re on the same page …….. I was hoping a Jesus First church plant in Palmy would fit the bill where I am now!

Thank you again Peter for taking the time to answer my email. I’d be keen to keep in touch and hopefully one day we can meet in person.

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