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Issachar Ministry Training Academy

IS GOD CALLING YOU? Are you ready to prepare for God’s purposes? These are urgent days in the plans & purposes of God and He is calling those who will answer “Here I am Lord, send me.”

Our vision for the Issachar Ministry Training Academy is to train people for ministry as members of the Body of Christ and also to train and to send out those with a heart for Church planting. This vision is encapsulated in the statement: Equipping, Empowering, Sending.

    • Scripture speaks in 1 Chronicles 12:32 about the men of Issachar as those “who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.” We must know the urgency of this hour and what God requires of us in His plans.
    • Paul speaks in Ephesians 4:16 about the Body of Christ and about the proper working of every part, so that “the body grows and builds itself up in love.” Every believer is a full-time minister for the Lord, whether we serve full-time in a Christian ministry or whether we are fully employed in secular employment. We each need to be fulfilling our God-given responsibilities and being trained for service is an important aspect of that.
  • Is God calling you to a time of specific training and equipping to better prepare you for this strategic hour?

Ministry Training With A Messianic Jewish Focus

We teach from the perspective of embracing the Messianic Jewish roots of the Christian faith whilst remaining Gentiles who are grafted in! This means that we:
  • seek to understand Scripture in the Jewish context in which it was written
  • present the Person and teachings of Yeshua in the context of His earthly culture and traditions, thus enhancing the students’ understanding of the text
  • seek to learn from the prophetic revelation that God set in place within the practices and ordinances that He instituted for His people Israel
  • promote the literal, historical method of Bible interpretation
  • look to God to unite Jew and Gentile as one new man in Messiah Jesus (Ephesians 2:15).
While we are not bound to embrace Jewish culture and tradition, we understand that Scripture teaches us much from the Messianic Jewish roots of our faith.

An Emphasis On Training

Equipping God’s people for the work of the ministry in a Messianic Jewish framework. 

In Ephesians 4:11-12, the apostle Paul says that Jesus, the Head of the Church, has given gifts of gifted individuals to the Church and that He has set them in the Church specifically to: equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ (verse 12). This involves training in biblical truth, in life skills and in ministry development. It incorporates the work of the Holy Spirit in empowering people for life and ministry. Our focus is training God’s people rather than merely educating them.

There will be four key components to our ministry training programme:
  • Building solid biblical foundations
  • Spiritual and personal development
  • Building ministry skills
  • Practical ministry experience

Empowering and Sending People Out for the Purpose of Ministry, Especially Church Planting

We are committed to EQUIPPING, EMPOWERING and SENDING believers out to be disciple-makers, to do the works of service that God has called them to, to be able ministers of the New Covenant and, especially, to plant churches and to lead churches wherever God gives them opportunity.

Course Subjects (in modules)

1010: Theology (Messianic Jewish Focus)
1020: The Life of Messiah
1030: Hermeneutics (Messianic Jewish Focus))
1040: Homiletics (Principles and Practices of Preaching)
1050: The Plan of God & the Covenants
1060: Core Convictions (Scripture, Truth, Israel, the Church)
1065: A Biblical, Christian Worldview
1070: Church Planting
1075: Personal Evangelism
1080: The Feasts of the Lord & the Law of Messiah
1090: Intentional Disciple-Making
1100: My Identity in Messiah
1110: Personal Life, Ministry Philosophy, Spiritual Gifts

We hope to start in early 2020.

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Issachar Ministry Training Academy
PO Box 305-063, Triton Plaza, Auckland 0757, New Zealand
Ph: 64-9-442 2530, Mobile: 64-27-544 3047
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