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Marching To Zion Documentary – a Dangerous Deception

A very dangerous & deceptive YouTube documentary promoting Replacement Theology & Evangelical Christian Anti-Zionism is being circulated around Churches in parts of New Zealand & sadly, its is becoming very popular.

This documentary was produced by Steven Anderson, an independent Baptist Pastor in America & began circulating in mid 2015. The documentary features several Jewish Rabbis whom Anderson tricked into making this anti-Semitic film & it seems that lawsuits are being established by some of these Rabbis in this respect. (

There are a number of glaring inaccuracies but also dangerous generalities all thru this deceptive documentary. Let me detail some that I found.

Consistently, Anderson speaks about the viewpoint & the position of the Jewish people as a whole, when in reality he is speaking about the viewpoint & the position of the Ultra-Orthodox Jews only (they are the ones promoting Judaism & Kabbalah – not ALL Jews). He falsely implies that ALL Jews hold to the viewpoints & the positions of the Ultra-Orthodox which is patently wrong.

He makes out that the Balfour Declaration was simply a letter from Balfour to Rothschild when in fact it was a letter that Balfour wrote as the British Foreign Secretary on behalf of the English Government. It was British foreign policy! (see

He states that Israel became a nation by throwing the Arabs out of the land (he sites Haifa as a battle ground in this respect – with photos!). The truth is that the birth of the nation of Israel came about peacefully & quietly, without any attention until AFTER the nation was formed. The day AFTER the birth of Israel, Israel was attacked by the surrounding Arab nations (those mentioned in Psalm 83). Israel did NOT become a nation thru Israeli aggression & warfare. They did defend themselves against overwhelming odds the day AFTER they became a nation & they overcame ALL the nations that came against them.

Anderson makes a big point (as do all who hold to Replacement Theology) of attacking the Abrahamic Covenant. He does so by making the Abrahamic Covenant a conditional covenant (as do all who hold to Replacement Theology) & by declaring that it was given ONLY to Abram. He highlights the word THEE in this respect. This ignores the fact that God confirmed this covenant with Abram’s descendants, specifically with Isaac & Jacob (Israel) but also to all generations (Genesis 17:1-21 & Psalm 105:8-11) – not just to Abram (THEE).

Anderson takes things that Jesus specifically declared to the Pharisees & the Sadducees & he applies them to ALL Jews – to the people of Israel as a whole. So, the judgments that Jesus makes against the Pharisees & the Sadducees, are applied to ALL Jews, thru all generations!!

He completely misses the truth of the remnant of Israel that Paul speaks about in Romans 9-11 & he pulls parts of verses from Romans 9-11 to justify his false precepts.

He denies the existence of hell early in the video & then later says that for Christians not to evangelise the Jews is to banish them to hell.

He falsely declares that Israel has accepted nationhood whilst continuing to block the establishment of a Palestinian state as an outworking of the UN Resolution in 1947 – which partitioned the land into two states. The truth is that on November 29th, 1947, in an effort to establish peace, Israel agreed to the division of the land according to this UN Resolution & was prepare to give up territory that the UN set apart for the Arabs (that which is now called “the occupied territories”) but the Arabs refused the agreement saying that they wanted ALL of the territory (ALL of Israel) or nothing! The position of the Arab nations has not changed since & I think that I am right in saying that they have made the same “ALL or nothing” claim a number of times since 1947.

Anderson makes a claim about Christians believing that Jews don’t need to be saved – seeming to twist something that John Hagee says, altho I don’t hold to too much that Hagee says concerning Israel. The point tho is that it is incorrect to say that Christians don’t believe Jews need to be saved. Significantly, he ignores Romans 1:16 about the gospel going to the Jews first, and to the Gentiles. In respect of salvation for Jews, he says that “for the antiChrist to unite all religions of the world, the devil must convince mainstream Christianity to see the Jews as fellow believers.” Not only is that ignoring Romans 1:16, it also ignores what Paul says in Ephesians 2:15 about one new man IN CHRIST.

He says that the doctrine that the Jews are God’s chosen people is a new doctrine – denying Deuteronomy 7:6-8.

On the basis of a comment from one of the Rabbis he interviews, Anderson asserts that the Jews stopped believing in the Torah, starting with Genesis 1 & the creation account. That is hugely untrue & grossly false.

Anderson makes a big thing of the Talmud (the oral writings) & states that all Jews hold to the Talmud & the Kabbalah ahead of Scripture. That might be true of the Ultra-Orthodox who are a small minority of the Jewish people. It is NOT true of ALL Jews.

He states that those who stand with Israel & who oppose Replacement Theology “do not get their doctrine on Israel from anything written in the New Testament but they get it from Scofield’s study notes on Genesis 12:3” which is absolute nonsense.

Please be praying that this documentary would have little or no impact in the Church in our nation.


    • Peter Whitcombe

      Greetings Pastor George
      I’m not sure where this video might be purchased now as it is some time since the blog article was written. I’m sure that if you were to “google” the title, you would find Amazon or someone stocking it or you might find a link to the original creators. Go well.

    • Peter Whitcombe

      I’m not sure where this video might be purchased now as it is some time since the blog article was written. I’m sure that if you were to “google” the title, you would find Amazon or someone stocking it or you might find a link to the original creators. Go well.

  • Lawrence

    No probs.

    I forgot to mention that although my site appears as a forum, it is actually and rather a repository of my works: a teaching site rather than a discussion site. A reference site.

    I have used the forum template simply because it makes it easier to index things, and the viewer can see the whole thing at a glance.

    There is a section where members can create a thread as a one-to-one public discussion with me, but that section has never been used: visitors simply prefer to read.

    Members however can also send me a PM through the site.

    I add a new work roughly ever 3-6 weeks, as the focus is quality rather than quantity, and the issue are extremely difficult and require a lot of careful analysis. I am covering issues at a deeper level than they are usually covered.

    Regards again


  • Lawrence

    Anderson has represented Romans 9-11 correctly, “Not all are Israel who are of Israel”.

    The meaning is clear. It would not have been said this way, if the meaning were as you think it is.

    But your underlying problem is that you think we’ll be physical in the resurrection, when in fact we’ll be solely spirits. Spirits have no DNA, so it matters not what stock we’re from.

    Accordingly, Jesus said “the flesh profiteth nothing”, and Hebrews declares God to be not the father of flesh, but “the father of spirits”.

    Although Christ was raised in the flesh, He is no longer in the flesh, but is as He was before He came to earth: a spirit.

    When Christ said that God is a spirit, He meant all of God, not 2/3 of Him. So God the Father, .God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are all spirits, and all in the afterlife, even non-believers, will be spirits. Satan is a spirit, all the angels are spirits.

    There is no corporeality in the afterlife.

    It is your view of things wherein you think that physicality will continue for eternity, which is the platform upon which your errant understanding of Israel is based.

    There is only one focus in spiritual things: Christ. Not Christ and Israel, but simply, Christ.

    If you wish to gain a proper understanding of Israel and the passages of Romans 9-11, as well as all the interconnecting issues of atonement, predestination, election, physicality vs spirituality, heaven and hell, the resurrection, you can visit my website where you will find over 100 interconnected documents. The works are far deeper than any theology you will have seen to date, and require a lot of work to even digest their ramifications.

    God bless.


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