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Peter & Sue Whitcombe are the founding leaders for Jesus First, New Zealand, an independent Pentecostal movement of Churches with Churches in Auckland & Tauranga.

They started the North Shore Church in late 2005, meeting initially in the Staffroom at the Oteha Valley School. The Church soon outgrew the Staffroom & then the children’s ministry became too large for the available facilities, so a move to Northcross Intermediate School followed in March, 2008. The Church in Tauranga commenced public meetings in October 2011.

Peter is committed to seeing the biblical outworking in the Church of the “five-fold” ministries of Ephesians 4:11–12, so that the saints are equipped to do “the work of the ministry” & for the “building up of the Body of Christ.”

He has a passion to see God’s people outwork their individual destiny & calling and for the Church of Jesus Christ to come to maturity in Christ & he is motivated by the Great Commission which will only be fulfilled by the Church functioning apostolically so that people are being “equipped & sent.” Part of this passion is seen in the commitment to plant Churches wherever God calls & gives opportunity.

Peter has a clear preaching & teaching gifting & has ministered in Churches & conferences in New Zealand & in South Africa. He is also on the Board of Celebrate Messiah, New Zealand. His love for and commitment to Israel & the Jewish people are clearly evident in his public ministry. 

Sue has a very warm & genuine shepherd’s heart, a love for people, a commitment to Israel & the Jewish people & a powerful preaching ministry that communicates sincere exhortation & encouragement. She is a fully qualified early childhood & primary school teacher, wife, mother, grandmother &… much more. 

Like Peter, Sue is committed to the Church of Jesus Christ, to God’s people & to His call on their lives.



  • William Henry Ruff

    Christ tells us he is the “light” and the only way back to the Father. If one is not of Christ, that one is of the anti-Christ or is of Satan. How much are the Jews of Christ? I know no Jew who is a believer and all deny the Christ, by definition. How are the modern Jews then. the “Apple of his eye” or “The Chosen”?

    • Peter Whitcombe

      Firstly, Deuteronomy 7:6-11 makes it clear that the basis of God’s choosing of Israel was just that, a matter of His choice. These verses also make it clear that God’s choice is for all generations, as is the promises contained in the Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 12:1-3.

      Secondly, there is a growing number of Jews worldwide who have been born again by grace alone, through faith alone in Messiah Jesus alone. A number of my friends are amongst these born again or Messianic Jews. They understand that salvation for both Jew & Gentile is through Jesus as the only way to the Father & they are active in Jewish evangelism on that basis. They also understand that Scripture speaks of two-thirds of the Jewish people being killed during the Tribulation & that it is only when the nation as whole recognises that Jesus is the Messiah & they call out to Him as their deliverer (Matthew 23:39) that the time of Jacob’s trouble ends & Jesus comes in His second coming to Jerusalem where He establishes the millennial kingdom. This truth motivates Messianic Jews & many Gentile believers to outwork God’s call to take the gospel to all ethnicities because as Paul says in Romans 1:16, the gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first (of first priority) and also to the Greek.

      Thirdly, John 3:16 & other verses make it clear that God loves all mankind & that Jesus came on the basis of God manifesting His love that none should perish if they would turn to God in repentance & to Jesus for salvation.

      Fourthly, Paul makes it clear in chapters 9-11 of Romans that God has not turned His back on Israel or the Jewish people. Certainly they have proved unfaithful throughout their history but so has the Church. God loves because He chooses to love, not because of any inherent goodness in any of us.

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