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The Intent Never Justifies the Source

The formation of an all-encompassing One World Church that is the bride of antichrist, requires the truth of God’s Word to be compromised so that His Word is no longer the only standard for life and faith and so that many ways can be found to God, whomever you perceive God to be.

The current flood of New Age practices and Eastern mysticism that has come into the Church is part of that compromise of truth that will ultimately open the door to many faiths, many experiences and many paths that are the One World Church. These teaching and influences have come under the guise that “the intent sanctifies the source.” In other words, the intent, which is to exercise spiritual disciplines to get closer to God and to experience more of His presence, is supposed to justify using sources, methods and practices that are “Christianised” versions of New Age and occult practices founded in Eastern and ancient mysticism. The assumption is that if you substitute sacred Christian words and intentions while practising these methods, then you will connect with Christ, as opposed to connecting with familiar spirits. Practices such as contemplative prayer, labyrinth prayer walks, as well as “Christian” Yoga (which is an oxymoron!) are founded in the new age movement, in the occult, in Hinduism and Buddhism and in Eastern and Catholic mysticism, yet they are finding wide acceptance and practice in much of the Wetsren Church. The lie is that Christians can practice methods from these false religions that lead to false gods for those in these false religions, yet when Christians particpate in “christianised” versions of these practices, we will contact the One and only True God, and not the “pagan” gods (familiar spirits).

Continually and repeatedly, Scripture warns about embracing that which is sourced in false gods and false religions. The children of Israel were even forbidden to marry those from other nations so as to keep from partaking of their religious practices. Solomon died outside of the will of God, having lost his kingdom, because of his disobedience in this matter (1 Kings 11).

The intent DOES NOT EVER sanctify the source or the means. False paths will not and do not lead to truth and embracing false paths is a sure road to deception. It’s been said that participating in these practices is like drinking water laced with cyanide and expecting to be able to ingest only the water! Jesus says in John 14:6: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” In verse 26, He says that the Holy Spirit “will teach you all things.” We have His Word and His all-sufficient Spirit. Why look to other means?

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